educationally incorrect by pleistabix

educationally incorrect


10 January 2015 at 12:46:07 MST

bix apparently was inspired by the attire of the Scholar class in the Final Fantasy 3 remake.  I do not suspect there is a great deal of learning going on in this environment, however.

Additionally, neither of us is advocating that anybody play the Final Fantasy 3 remake.  And if you do, absolutely do not look at any gamefaqs guide for it for any reason, as they would have you spend months of your life building up levels for no reason to beat a game that is not all that hard or interesting to complete.  I only lost a few hours doing faq-like bidding, and worrying what the faq thought about what I already did, and I still feel like an idiot.

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    Have you ever made a speedpaint?

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      I certainly try to do things as fast as possible! I tend to get held up by inconsequential details.

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        Bwaha, not like that. Have you ever recorded yourself drawing/painting and uploaded it somewhere?

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          I have never had good luck with recording! I suppose one drawback of still using windows xp is that it does not have all that sort of thing pre-configured for easy self-exploitation. I would be interested in seeing it, though, at least sped up. I used to mass undo/redo in paint shop pro for my own amusement when I drew with a mouse.

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            Oh, but one day I'd love to see you draw, you style is so interesting! Sorry for the bit of bad luck