business attire preferred by pleistabix

business attire preferred


27 March 2014 at 12:55:07 MDT

I understand that there has recently been some bizarre controversy (on deviantart, anyway) regarding how this character ought to dress/not dress.  as usual, I was not consulted in the matter.

I also understand that one enters treacherous territory when one draws this creature, but nothing here proves I made this.

And before we go further I must admit that, yes, this is a totally un-sourced chair.  I know a lot of seating enthusiasts (or sitties, as they call themselves) watch my page and would not appreciate if I tried to pass this off as a period-accurate Hoffman-Groffstadtler Wheelabork

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    period-accurate, perhaps not, but a quality addition to the canon of chair art nonetheless

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    I'm not entirely sure what one could argue about how that character dresses? Do they get upset over how the collar of the vest is drawn, or whether it has pockets or not?

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      Evidently the new "official" design involves considerably less unclothing. That has expectedly little bearing on my depiction.

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    This is the only outfit for her, as far as I'm concerned. Though her new attire IS kind of cute.

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    Finest un-sourced chair I ever encountered

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    Pshhh. She can dress however you see fit!
    I really love your digital painting technique! Haha, looks like she "borrowed" Bealix's carrot. x3

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      I think the carrot was there to mock my assertion that nobody could prove I was involved, if the pose and attire did not give it away.
      Thank you for liking the technique! This one feels a bit over-produced to me since I had difficulty getting the pose as I wanted (it still is not), which meant drawing lines over lines and making everything gradually blendier.