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Tubejob by pleistabix



This was somehow inspired by that pixure, though it was meant to be less of a thematic ripoff; I was "thinking" of a bowling alley, maybe, at first, but it turned into a train station anyway.  
I thought ah I can make it a paris metro station, since I drew the seats like that already, but I couldn't find a consistent design among my pictures that I liked, and I recalled i had a picture of a london underground point, but it appears that those have different chair-like-objects than I had drawn.  Whoopth.  Of course I was in Regent's Park; you may do things differently out in Pickler's Quarrel.

It seems like slightly less of a ripoff now that I have removed the jacket.  The jacket has not survived to the end in a long time.


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    Bealix is super cute in this picture. Definitely a more feminine looking face than your usual ones ( not that I don't like those too!)

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      Thank you! i have difficulty getting facial proportions to be functional unless everything is huge. I would draw "more feminine" features more often if I were better at it! I certainly prefer others to do so if they can.