wardrobe mal-malfunction by pleistabix

wardrobe mal-malfunction


15 August 2015 at 12:05:30 MDT

This goes along with the easily-missed journal I posted. I thought people should have another chance to miss it.

I offer a 20% discount for pin-up type commissions of anthropomorphized characters that wear shirts and not pants, since I seem to appreciate that aesthetic and would like to encourage its adoption. True enough this picture shows a skirt being removed, but I drew it rather poorly so you can imagine it is pants, although drawing a skirtless character is a remarkably similar process.

This offer is not gender-specific, and is open to characters that are ordinarily fully clothed or naked.

Prices are there; generally they range from 10 to $40. Therefore, it would change to $8 and $32 with the discount. This would not apply to backgrounds, which never wear trousers to begin with.
This particular picture is a bad example, being somewhat sketchy and hastily assembled. A picture that somebody wanted done would be better than this!

Feel free to send a note or email or denigrating remark if you are curious.

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