oPoison - Ooooo Oo Ooo by PlayPossum (critique requested)

oPoison - Ooooo Oo Ooo

oPoison - Ooooo Oo Ooo (critique requested)


23 May 2015 at 15:59:02 MDT

This has been sitting on my sketch folder for too long!!!

There it goes...
Fly, little tune, fly!

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    I like this, were I to change anything, I'd use some instruments that stand out from each other better, as sometimes it's hard to hear the main line from the homophony around it, especially when the main line drops down and isn't as separated from the others. xD

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      I definitely see what you mean! It has to do mainly with me not having any idea of hierarchy in this piece...
      How about the cadence in the end of this, though? I read your shout and, admittedly, I don't think of cadence that often. But this one had a V7 intentionally put there, although I give it a non-ending by repeating the starting motive again.

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        That non-ending is what I'm talking about. You close out with a fine cadence but then tack on a call back. That isn't so bad, but it does make it sound like more is coming, especially because the motive itself doesn't sound like a complete musical sentence.

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          Heh, I have a considerable history of letting classically trained people down because of this. I make some proper cadences every now and then, but I will most likely get an itch to change it. I'll do something well-resolved next time around and gauge reactions. x)