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oPoison - A Toast to the Free feat. Mustang by PlayPossum (critique requested)

oPoison - A Toast to the Free feat. Mustang

oPoison - A Toast to the Free feat. Mustang (critique requested)


30 November 2015 at 10:31:16 MST

An attempt to go folk! Can't get more fun than gypsy party.

whitemantis whitemantis wanted a piece to accompany her newest group picture, so I went with something more atmospheric, following the picture's elements. It's kinda narrative in a sense, so I had a lot of fun messing with all sorts of stuff.


There is also a story accompanying it by Amethystine Amethystine [here]

The lute (actually a guitar) is played by the awesome Mustang - he recorded [this base] for the song and I built it all on top of it.

New computer, so I had a lot of power to make something huge. Apart from instruments/percussion, a total of 26 soundclips were used, from different sources. Had a lot of trouble dealing with volumes until it looked more natural, there are places where 10 layers of sound stack on top of each other. Thanks Tiido Tiido for lots and lots of advice in this.

Hope you all like it, thanks for listening!


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    Wonderful! I like that song.

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      Wooo, thanks a lot! :D

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    Rock n roll would be better.
    Nah more seriously that's a cool music. :)

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      Only if you can convince Mantis to play the sax instead of the flute. 8)
      Thanks, dude.

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    Well that was lovely.