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Happy 2015!!! by PlasmaFang70

Happy 2015!!!


This is my very first pic for this year!

This is a News Years Pic featuring my new sona with my old ones.

Here we have:
Plasma von Vampire Wolf (Vampire Wolf)

Vivian Rip Clawtooth (T-Rex)

Rachel Tuzzle Legsworth (Kangaroo)

Omega Vel Opossum Bat (Vampire Opossum Bat)

Hawkin Hawnt Dragon Wolf (Dragon Wolf)

Kappa Belle Zombon (Dragon; Hawkin's Younger Cousin)

Joelle Hilda Otter (Sea Otter)

I might work on my 4 new sonas' bio soon this year. Til then, have fun meeting my them!

Artwork and OCs are © to me.