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[Gift] Happy Birthday, Dusk Bro! by PlasmaFang70

[Gift] Happy Birthday, Dusk Bro!


This is a birthday gift for my bro.

This is his sona surrounded for a friendly birthday greeting by Buck, Surly, Timon, Spyro and Foxy.
(PS. This is my first time drawing Surly, Timon, Spyro and Foxy. Plus, I drew Spyro with his wings closed and I know that Foxy's missing a right ear due to being at the edge of the paper.)

I hope you like it, bro!

Dusk (wolf) is (c) to duskwolfdog64.

Buck is (c) to Blue Sky Studios/FOX.

Surly is (c) to Open Road Films.

Timon is (c) to Disney.

Spyro is (c) to Sierra Entertainment.

Foxy is (c) to Scott Cawthone.

Artwork is (c) to me.