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AUCTION: Hooman - Adopt003 OPEN! by PkingSora

AUCTION: Hooman - Adopt003 OPEN!


9 July 2021 at 10:26:45 MDT

Hooman and FurryOCmeme remake!
Originally he was a sketch of a character made from a Meme, decided to spiff him up <3
Enjoyed the oil slick under hair, may do more like that ; v ;

Original meme omg dies from embarrassment

Ends 24 hours after last bid

SB: $45 USD
AB: $125 USD unlock payment plan

Winner Will get:
High Res Flat
High Res Shaded
HighRes bookmark

Serious Claims only please- if you do not think you will be able to pay, please do not claim
IF you have claimed but something has come up, PLEASE inform BEFORE the end of the day.
Failing to do so will warrant a ban on participating in adopts up to 1 year of the date.
Let's be nice in the comments!
Have fun, stay awesome!
If you win you are allowed to modify the design some
Be sure to shoot me a note of any changes!
AB bid unlocks Payment Plans - Payment must be paid within 1 month of auction closed.
Payment via Paypal

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