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Hello all you happy people... XD

I'm a furry I.T. tech (all self taught) who loves Blender, 3D, Open-Source, technology, and of course everything furry. I work at an I.T. company in the smallish town of Castlegar BC.

I tend to speak my mind rather thoroughly without using much of a filter. I don't do it to be an ass, or because I am one; because I'm not, it just happens because I don't know how to better phrase stuff at the time, but I'm working on it and can be quite a sweet fox if the time is taken to get to know me.

Software I use

Linux - Blender - SweetHome3D - GIMP - Box - 50GB lifetime account

My Furry Side

You see before you a slim red fox light himself a joint with a snap of his fingers. He notices you looking. "My name? Chinook. Why? What do you want?"

Like phoenixes, firefoxes are reborn from their bodies ash when they die. They retain their memories, and if they are killed before dying of old age they will return to their original age in a matter of months. Chinook can be depicted at any age.

I have been a fox all my life, but I only realized it at the age of 16, in which, I found the fandom and was able to... associate it with something. I know others bitch about foxes being unoriginal but I don't care. I am, always have been, and always will be, a fox. Always.

420 Fur fer life. Cannabis is not a drug, it is a PLANT!

If you try to contact me somewhere else or follow me on Twitter, let me know so I don't think you're spam :)



Latest Journal

Some video game meme I found in my glove compartment...

  1. You started to play video games at the age of...?

I don't even remember. I was young let's put it that way X3

  1. First game you ever played?


  1. First console you owned?

The NES obviously :P

  1. Consoles you own/owned?

NES(gone), SNES(gone), N64(gone), Gameboy Color(gone), gamecube(gone), Wii, 3ds, Ps1(gone), Ps2(gone), both those are irrelevant since I can now play them on my hacked Ps3, and since I can play nes,snes,n64,gb/c/a,ps1,genesis on them Imma throw my Sony Xperia play (the playstation phone), and Minix Neo X5 into the mix.
Oh and my SteamBox. That TOTALLY counts as a console. Deal wif it :P

  1. Your favorite genre(s)?

I like most genres except for fighting games like Mortal Kombat yet at the same time my love of Superheros overrides it and lets me enjoy Injustice even though I totally suck at it X3

  1. Favorite game character(s)?

'sighs' I dunno ;.;

  1. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)?

I like meself a good story. I still tear up at the end of Twilight Princess.
That being said I can still rock MarioBros with it's (lack) of story X3

  1. You don't care about ...?

Depends on the game. vvvvvv I don't care about the graphics. The better looking Zelda and starfox get the harder my foxrection but I'll still go play the old school games. Then there's games like the elder scrolls that have to look fucking gorgeous.

  1. Prefer PC or Console?

I only play consoles for the exclusives.

  1. Your current 3 Fav games?

Fuck games Imma choose series.

  1. 3 Games you didn't like...

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 (this is only here because it was a terrible fucking game I only play it to amuse myself with the many many fuckups)
Knife Edge Nose Gunner (some shitty ass arcade-turned-n64 game)

  1. One game that's totally overrated in your opinion?

Team fortress 2

  1. Ever played an online game, if yes which one(s)?

Champions Online for about a week. I get bored of playing online.

  1. What do you think about ...Tomb Raider?

Never played.

  1. ...Tetris?

Amusing when I'm in the mood.

  1. ...Sonic?

I like sonic. There's this hack I found, Sonic the Hedgehod 2 XL where all the rings are onion rings instead and sonic gets fat, loses his spin jump, and eventually dies unless you run the weight off first X3

  1. ...Spyro?

Played the original trilogy. Never the rest.

  1. ...The Sims?

Fuck off the sims isn't even a game -.-

  1. ...Legend of Zelda?


  1. ... Assassin's Creed?

Starting the first one now I'll get back to you on that X3

  1. GAME OVER!!!


  1. Game(s) you'd love to see?

Skyward sword in VR or Skyrim in VR with 1-1 motion control using wiimotes.

  1. Game(s) you're waiting for at the moment?

Half Life 3
Starfox Zero
The new zelda
Smash bros 4. Also waiting on that wii u <.<

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