Glasses by PirateLynLyn



21 September 2016 at 23:49:05 MDT

Ok so like forever ago, I saw a post of Joel stealing Gus’s glasses and well ::vaguely gestures at this:: I thought about Caboose and Simmons in a similar situation. I was going to try and match it perfectly but then I realized, Simmons would not just let it happen without getting slightly peeved, and Caboose is, well, Caboose. SO TADA!! (I may animate this more at a later date).

I really wanted to clean this up more, but I sunk a LOT more time than I expected into this, and I really need to work on other stuff. For speeds sake (since this was just for fun and practice), I tried drawing the armor directly on top of the gif, but that didn’t work because Halo armor is dumb. SO YAY at not being able to really do that.

Art © PirateLynLyn
Simmons and Caboose character © RoosterTeeth
Halo © Microsoft