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Still Life 3/9/2015 by pinardilla

Still Life 3/9/2015


11 March 2015 at 10:54:07 MDT

Oh look, another skull.

There's some problems in this still, but I don't think I can fix any of it now. I'm pretty proud of my texture detail, though – each object has a different finish on its surface. Unfortunately I'm still using my cell phone to get these uploaded because I don't have a means of scanning anything this large and it didn't really capture all of that all that well.

Primarily white pastel and vine charcoal, with some white and black charcoal pencil, on black paper.

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    I really gotta commend ya for taking the art thing seriously, you seem to have a knack for charcoal - although I bet your arms look like a coal miner's by the end of it :P
    I like the shading on the goblet the most, it looks like machined stainless steel. The cloth is neat too, I always figured that to be a tough material to emulate.

    I'm interested to see where you go next, if you ever find the time to pick it up again!

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      Thanks! Next drawing class assignment is a hallway perspective study, which appeals to my mathiness. No skulls to be found though. :v Hope I find time for personal projects again soon.

      I've really come to appreciate charcoal and how much you can smudge it around with a blending stump. My arms didn't come out looking too bad, but those poor stumps. Almost all the different textures arose from exactly how the stump was applied. With the goblet and the pages in the book, putting down some hatching lines then and pressing in hard with the stump only in the direction of those lines gave it the "grain" they have. The skull got a lighter touch in all directions for a more matte look. With the polished clock, I actually smeared charcoal directly onto the stump and practically ground it into the paper.

      The cloth was actually the most rushed part of the piece, it's what I did last and I was surprised it turned out so well as quickly as it did. It's really just a matter of throwing some shadows and highlights over some base color and avoiding making hard edges.

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    I remember doing this sorta stuff in art class when I was in high school. I hated it lol You pulled this off way better than I could have.
    I gotta give you credit! It takes a lot of patience I find.
    overall I like how this looks, especially the skull x3

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    There is a subtle sublimity a skull always manages to add inside a still life painting, maybe because it is an allegory for life be-stilled?

    Nonetheless, allow me to applaud your skills for delivering such a work. I can see why you take pride in how you have executed the textures as they most certainly feel realistic and tangible. I can discern that reflecting, metallic smoothness, or the skull's apparently frail constitution, not to mention that gives this sensation that it hasn't been long since someone's head has turned into a prop.

    Good job, I dare say!

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    I really love the highlights, they're just so sharp and clean. The details on the cloth are great, too. I've always found getting the detail in cloth pretty difficult. You did an amazing job with it.