Kingodin Doughboy [C] by pimpartist

Kingodin Doughboy [C]


31 May 2018 at 15:01:10 MDT

Commissioned by kingodin on FA.

And we're back to the days of WW1, when the trenches were long&deep, rifles were bolt-action and the American Expeditionary Forces were some of the most dapper mofos around: . Here we've got private Ralph Cole, a collie, ready to come over the other side of the pond and win the war for the Entente.
Technical talk! Private Ralph is lit here as if it were an overcast day, wtih the light coming from above. The only other light source comes from behind, from the glory of the Stars and Stripes! I'm starting to enjoy doing ambient pieces like this one even more than the ones in strong sunlight I was accustomed to.

Let me know what you think below ^^!

Also, if you're interested in commissioning me, I'm open! Feel free to check my prices here: and send me a note. Thank you for checking out my work


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    World war is fucking dead!

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    That historical photo is pretty freaking cool. Nailed the outfit!