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Your Presents Gentlemen by Pikuna

Your Presents Gentlemen


17 December 2012 at 12:47:03 MST

Hikari: Hey guys, don't you wanna unwrap your presents?

Pikuna: But just when you were good boys.

Incendra: Oh, we were really good boys.

Hawky: Right, the best boys.

Haha, one week to early, but I'm sure I would forget it otherwise. 8D

Some time ago I asked Fuxi for a collab where our Sonas do something naughty, to make our boyfriends happy and because now it's December we agreeded to make it christmas themed. XP

It's the first picture I colored after I came back home and I'm totaly happy to have my PC back. ;w;

Nothing against my laptop, but the color rendering isn't that good. >w>

And I could sit on my comfortable chair. <3

Was really fun to color it, especially because I like the color pattern of Hikari. x3

I really love the smirk from Pikunamon and the chibi faces of our boyfriends. XP

Funny fact: When I was younger I really had such an antlers hat. xD

I really hope you enjoy our collaboration and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Good New Year. :3

Lineart & Hikari (c) Pharaonenfuchs

HawkPhix (c) Hawky

Coloration & Pikunamon (c) Pikuna

Incendramon (c) INCtastic


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    d'aww, they're quite cute :3 lovely job on the colors here.

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      Thanks a bunch. x3