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Do you remeber... by Pikuna

Do you remeber...


9 October 2012 at 01:59:05 MDT

"...when we were young and full of silly ideas, well especially me? You often had to take care of me and save me from dangerous Digimon, but you were never mad at me. We could cry and laugh together. Even back then I already loved you for being by my side." - Pikunamon


Incy and I had often wish we had known each other, when we were still kids.

We are sure, that we would be the best friends and we hadn't the trouble of not seeing each other. ;w;

So I had the idea of a little story, where Pikunamon and Incendramon met each other, when they were Child Digimon and becoming good friends.

Maybe one day I will write/draw the story. |D

Well, since over two weeks I didn't continue coloring this picture, because I want to do other thigns first.

But I want to upload it in it's current status, because...

...I'm too lazy to shade the other parts, too. wouldn't look so good, when everything is shaded. (well, at least I think so)

...I just love the flat coloring of this. <3


I just love the lineart that Codi made for me.

I just starred at it for hours before I could start with the coloring. <3

It's sooo cute and full of emotions. x33333

She also sent me al bust-shots in single picutres. :3

Maybe I wil use them as coloring practise for other styles. :3

Lineart (c) PirateHearts

Coloring & Firemon (c) Pikuna

Chincmon (c) INCtastic

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