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Pikunamon Cosplays Series - Beelzebumon by Pikuna

Pikunamon Cosplays Series - Beelzebumon


16 October 2013 at 04:20:09 MDT

This time as Duo with her beloved Incendramon. x3

I always wanted Pikunamon wearing Beelzebumon's, so it was one of the first things on my list for the Cosplay serie. :3

Then I remembered that there is Beelko a female-looking Beelzebumon that was created by one of the primary artist of Digimon, Watanabe Kenji, but still isn't an official Digimon and thought that her clothes would also suit to Pikunamon.

And because I love the idea of Incendramon having Beelzebumon's clothes (*drools*), this Duo-Cosplay idea was born. xD

As you see I didn't use all the original colors, because they would have all the same black and that's boring.

So I gave Pikunamon more red/brown black and Incendramon blue/violet black. :3

They also got their own mask colors, because blue wasn't very fitting for both. xD

I'm very proud how Pikunamon's coloration looks, with Incendramon's I'm a bit unsure and I know that I ruined the gun. xD

If you wanna see the flat color click here.

Gnah, I love them in this cosplays so much, maybe there will be more pics of them. xD

There will be more Duo-Cosplays in future, not just with Incendramon, but also with the other Kunas. :3

Shutumon/Zephyrmon - Venusmon

Lineart (c) Riza23

Coloration & Pikunamon (c) PIkuna

Incendramon (c) INCtastic

Beelzebumon (c) Bandai/Toei Animation

Beelko (c) Watanabe Kenji