I will let you dance by Pikuna

I will let you dance


12 April 2013 at 08:01:50 MDT

Pikunamon: So, you really underestimated me.

Why? Because I'm a girl? Because I look like a sweet kitty?

I will show you, that I have the strenght of a wild lion!

Yeah, finally a new Ready-to-fight pic with my Pikunamon. x3

I really like it to show that she still is a great fighter, even she is a cuddly kitty often. xD (And I like strong women. x3)

And I need pics with her scythe, because Amaterasu is awesome. 8D

Couldn't resist to ask JinZhan for this commission, always wanted one from him and it was really wonderful to work with it. <3

My new soft-shading worked here really good and I'm really suprised how awesome everything looks! x3

The scythe blade's coloration doesn't look perfect, but it's okay so far. >3<

PS: I really need a official Ref Sheet for Pikunamon. xD

When I commission people I show them mostly two/three different pics, where her clohtes look different.

It's interesting to see how all the different artists draw her outfits, but an official Sheet would be helpful for everyone. xD

Lineart (c) JinZhan

Coloration & Pikunamon (c) Pikuna

Brushes (c) env1ro

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