A Team Photo by Pikuna

A Team Photo


26 March 2013 at 11:29:54 MDT

My DMO-Team I currently have:

Hanzey - Fanbeemon (Can evolve to Canonbeemon, but wanted to have a cute Fanbeemon in the pic. ;w;)

Ignos - DeathMeramon (First self-collected Digimon, strongest atm)

Shori - XV-mon (Newest member, can evolve to Paildramon, but atm I have a fangirl-crush with XV-mon. xD Had to buy his egg, because my paitent ended. |D)

Unforunately you can’t customize your Tamer, but for picures I use my A.J. with a newer design.

I really like it, but she looks a bit older for me now. owo

So I decided I will use this design in my Digimon-Story when she is older. xD

If you wonder, why Ignos looks so angry at Shori: He is jealous, because he thinks A.J. like shim more than him. xD

But A.J. loves all her Digimon. ♥

Riza's Lines are really magical, his are one of the fews where I can perfectly use the new shading style from me. xD

Made lots of fun to work on this, even I had some problems with A.J.'s face shading. xD

And I really need to learn o shade yellow right. >w<

Unfortunately there is just the lame bg, because I couldn't think of anything good. ;w;

But the big guys cover most of it, so it's okay. xD

Lineart (c) Riza23

Coloation & Chars (c) Pikuna

Digimon (c) Bandai/Toei Animation

Digimon masters Online (c) JoyMax

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    Too cute!! I play DMO too, my digimon at the moment is Dobermon, I loves him so XD

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      Ah, Dobermon is really nice, love his Ultimate Anubismon. <3

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    What what?? Is there a Digimon online game of sorts?? WORLD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME *turns around the stone in which she was hiding all this time* OMG THE SUNLIGHT !!!

    Fanbeemon... I love insect digimon so much. It's been a while *nostalgic sigh*

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      Don't worry, it exist a lon time and I also just play it since the start of this year. xD

      Yeah, real insects I don't like, but those from Digimon and also Pokemon are really cool. <3