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Not so different cultures by Pikuna

Not so different cultures


20 October 2012 at 15:14:23 MDT

Koshinkunamon: Hey Kikuma, how was your training? *smiles friendly*

Kikumacendramon: *looks a bit shily* Well,...good.

Koshinkunamon: That's great! You know, we could train together. I'm sure that would be more fun than alone.

Kikumacendramon: *scratches his snout* Ähm,...don't take it wrong, but I prefer to train alone. Otherwhise I can't concentrate... *mumbles the last words*

Koshinkunamon: *just ignores his last words, places her hands on his shoulder* Oh, c'mon, don't be such a spoilsport. *grins*

Kikumacendramon: *starts to blush* P-please...

Koshinkunamon: *chuckles* You are so cute, when you are embarrassed.

Kikumacendramon: *mumbles something and blushes more*

Aaaand next couple-picture. x3

Those two are a bit different in some points, but still they love each other. <3

Kikumacendramon is a Druid and more shy, while Koshinkunamon is a Shaman and more self-confident.

I really like it that they have different cultures, because of the idea that it doesn't matter which religion/culutre you have, you still can love each other. ^w^

Nya, Kikuma is just such a cute Dragon. <3

At first I was unsure about the design Incy gave him, but now I like it. x3

And my coloration is okay, I think. xD

Even I don't know if the backgrounds really suits. |D

Lineart (c) Codiciosa

Coloration & Koshinkunamon (c) Pikuna

Kikumacendramon (c) INCtastic

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