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You taste like hell by Pikuna

You taste like hell


17 October 2012 at 11:18:39 MDT

Umb: *sneaks from behind, grabs Yami's breasts and licks over her neck* Oh, Yami~ You really taste like the devil himself. *smirks*

Yami: *giggles and strokes over his snout* You are such a charmer Umb. *gives him a seductive look* Don't you want to let me taste you, too?

Umb: *growls a little* Try it, my hellkitty. *smirks*

Yay, finally a couple picture with YamiPikunamon and Umbracendramon. <3

Maybe you already figured out, that they aren't the kind of couple who just cuddles and kisses. xD

Well, as long as you don't see any private parts I don't have to tag it as mature, right? xD

(*murrs* I just love the expression from Umb. <3)

I just hope I didn't color Yami's fur to dark. .w.

When I finished her, I saved the file in a smaller size, so I had some difficults to color Umb. >w<

Still hope you will like it. xD

Coloring Video

Lineart (c) Codiciosa

Coloration & YamiPikunamon (c) Pikuna

Umbracendramon (c) INCtastic