Early Morning Shenanigans by pig

Early Morning Shenanigans


11 June 2015 at 11:57:05 MDT

Commission for Gar_Logan and his friends @FA!

Sparks becomes too tired to walk, he's being carried on Gar's back and has been for a while now. Ammo and Remi walk just ahead of them, Ammo pointing out a plane high in the sky and explaining the type and characteristics while Remi listens closely. Gar looks to Remi and let's him know it's his turn to carry Sparks. Remi says he's busy, gesturing to Ammo when she's not looking but Gar doesn't accept that.

He turns to Ammo who, in turn, begins to run off with her arms out like an airplane.

"I can't carry him, I'm an airplane!" She calls back jokingly. She turns to Remi: "Come on." She says, taking hold of Remi's hand and dragging him along.
"Well, turn into a passenger jet! GET BACK HERE!" Gar shouted. Sparks points ahead towards the escaping two.
"Onward! After them!" he commands tiredly, a goofy grin on his face. Gar smiles in response and sets forward at a jog.
"Come on Lycaeous, fasterrr!" Gar shouted behind him to the wandering werewolf. The big wolf grins, his tongue hanging loosely from his maw, and grips his liquor bottle tighter.