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Clawde by PierceTheReindeer



Clawde is one of my toon ocs that is not a major character in the world he is a part of. His lore is that he is a gay trans man pink panther who is the mascot of an LGBT channel. In the toon world he is the owner of a gay bar. He enjoys reading (mainly queer literature), drinking martinis, fashion, dancing, and knitting. He is kind and caring towards others but will not let people walk all over him just because he likes and somewhat acts feminine.

He is hugely inspired by the pink panther, Snagglepuss, and Bageerah from Adventures of Mowgli. Panther to panther-like characters I like the designs of. I grew up watching reruns of Pink Panther a LOT so I always liked the character.

Clawde is a trans man, he/him pronouns, so please be respectful