Ven Headshot by PierceTheReindeer

Ven Headshot


19 February 2019 at 21:07:52 MST

Originally posted on my art blog on September 2nd, 2018
A long time ago, I bought a demon adopt from ghostekey and I was going to draw them not long after I bought them but things kept coming up but now I have a bit of time open I got the chance to draw them.

Anyway, this is Ven and they are a demon from space. They are kind of a dick and are a wildcard. Most don’t like going near them. Even demons (especially ones from earth’s realm) will not mess with them (nor will those demon mess with other space demons). They can travel to different planets and different universes. They tend to do what they want without much care towards others. If someone does try fighting them then that won’t end well for them. Ven’s claws can heat up to soldering irons and if you know how hot they can get then yeah that will hurt a TON. Especially if they stab you with their claws.

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