Green Stripe Copper Earrings by PierceTheReindeer

Green Stripe Copper Earrings


5 February 2019 at 15:27:55 MST

Picture was originally posted on my art blog on February 9th, 2018. This picture was taken by my friend Kristelle who helped my business by taking pictures of some of my jewelry.
I had these green stripe beads for years. I bought them back in 2011 and was going to make a bracelet out of them but I got caught up with my school work. Eventually I rediscovered them in my bead box and decided to make them into earrings instead. These earrings are made with tiny round dark and light green stripe beads with small round flat dark and light green stripe beads wire wrapped together with copper. I chose copper because that tends to go well with green plus copper is one of my favorite metals.

You can find Kristelle's photography work on tumblr and twitter