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Heartful Tribe Nurse Tongus by PierceTheReindeer

Heartful Tribe Nurse Tongus


Originally posted on my art blog on September 5th, 2016
I drew this for the 5th day of the 30 day Yokai Watch drawing challenge where I had to draw my favorite Heartful Tribe yokai (I skipped the fourth day here because I am not proud of the 4th day piece).
This was a tough choice (well, most of the yokai I chose were hard choices because I love so many of them) but trying to choose one yokai I loved from the hreatful tribe was difficult. BUT out of all of them the one I loved the most is Nurse Tongus. She is cute, her tongue hangs out (which is every adorable), and she’s a little nurse. Her hat has a little heart on it! Awww! Also, she is a fungus yokai. So far she is the only fungi yokai which I hope more fungi oriented yokai get created in the future. I can’t wait to use her in Yokai Watch 2!

I got to use her and she was so cute and fun to use! She was a pretty good healer and really helped me out during certain fights.

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