It's My Turn to be Pred~ by PieMan24601

It's My Turn to be Pred~


1 February 2019 at 16:32:22 MST

Commission for Ponylucario

Typically, Lori is the one inside a tummy. She's usually feeding others, but not tonight. Tonight is different. The demon pony was given a taste of power, and she really liked it. She wanted more than just a taste, a full mouthful even! Tonight, Lori would feel what it's like to have her belly full and squirming. She was determined to gobble somepony up, just as she had been many times before. After planning and plotting, she put her scheme into action.

The mischievous pony invited a friend over for a play date, but it seems like he got a little more than he bargained for. Finding himself curled up tightly inside a friend really wasn't the way he had planned on spending the evening. Lori just loved it, rubbing, touching, and groping her satisfied belly. This felt so amazing! She just had to do it some more. Who would she gobble up next? She planned on finding out soon~

This was really fun to draw~ Lori is a really cute pony design, and I had a blast giving her a full belly. ^_^

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