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Student Six Wallpaper NOW ON PATREON! by PieMan24601

Student Six Wallpaper NOW ON PATREON!


Super excited to finally announce my first finished wallpaper! ^_^

Yona Yak, Smolder, Gallus, Silverstream, Ocellus, and Sandbar, are all hanging out after a long day of friendship classes. What adventures will the Student Six get up to next?

The Student Six are my favorite thing that has happened to My Little Pony in a long time. I absolutely love these new characters! I think they highlight just how diverse and interesting the world of Equestria has gotten over the years. Not only are they each adorable, but they all bring a unique and interesting perspective on the world, as well as their own issues and abilities. You learn SO much more interesting stuff about the world through them, and I just love me some worldbuilding. Also: I really want to hug Yona Yak. She is a big Pillow.

I'm making an art pack containing at least 10 PC wallpapers of my favorite characters! $10 Patrons get access to the full resolution files, and can use them as wallpapers early before anyone else! Woohoo!

Please check out the full image here!


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