Star Fox Sticker Pack (Batch 1) by PieMan24601

Star Fox Sticker Pack (Batch 1)


3 November 2018 at 14:21:13 MDT

Introducing the Star Fox Telegram Sticker Pack! This first batch contains 6 stickers, but more will be added in the future. I plan on making stickers for all of the Star Fox cast, so stay tuned for more updates in the future! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

To use this sticker pack, click this link:

If you really like these stickers, stay tuned! Some of them will be selected for physical release, so you can stick a dinosaur shopkeeper to your laptop, sketchbook, or whatever!

A little while ago, I was in a huge Star Fox mood thanks to Starlink Battle for Atlas. So I replayed through Star Fox 64, Adventures, and Assault. Doing so reminded me not only how much I loved those games, but also how much I enjoy Star Fox in general. I used to draw Star Fox stuff all the time. It was where I started to get popular on DeviantArt way back in the day. I've been wanting to tap back into what inspired me as an artist, so I can create content I enjoy again. I decided to go back to my roots and draw some Star Fox Fanart! It sounds odd, but doing so really made me feel happy. There was something about drawing Krystal and Fox again that cheered me up and made me feel nostalgic, and it was just really great. I need to draw Star Fox stuff again soon. ^^

If you want to see the full resolution files, not affected by Telegram's sticker compression, head on over to my Patreon! You can also get a sneak peek at the WIPs leading up to the finished product, and vote on which stickers will be printed in real life!


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