Sarah at the Beach (By: WolfDrawingDesk) by PieMan24601

Sarah at the Beach (By: WolfDrawingDesk)


21 August 2018 at 11:47:38 MDT

A loooovely commission I got from @WolfDrawingDesk while I was at Furrydelphia 2018!

This picture was taken while Sarah was on vacation at the beach. Sporting her new swimsuit, the large vixen spent her time indulging in many different activities. Splish-splashing in the water, relaxing, soaking up the sun, and most importantly, cutie watching! There are SO many cute furs of all shapes and sizes on the beach, and Sarah just loves to watch them have fun. Seems like this photo was taken by a new friend she made! It's a nice memento, reminding her of the wonderful time she had~

This was drawn by the lovely Wolf Mama! You can find her and the wonderful work she does on twitter:

I really love this one~ I don't have any pictures of Sarah just being... well... Sarah. I have her eating stuff, but not enough images that capture her bubbly silly personality. I just adore this and the outfit fits her so well <3