Begging to Eat Judy Hopps (By: Cartoonlover307) by PieMan24601

Begging to Eat Judy Hopps (By: Cartoonlover307)


23 June 2017 at 16:23:06 MDT

Yet another cute little gift from whitefangsthewolf95, drawn by cartoonlover307

Whitefangs somehow managed to gobble up the one and only Judy Hopps! Sarah saw him do this and is now BEGGING him to either let Judy out, so Sarah can eat her, or eat Sarah as well, so she can eat Judy inside him. Sarah just LOVES bunnies and missing an opportunity to eat THE Judy Hopps is something she just can't deal with. Hopefully they come to some kind of agreement. Either way, Judy is going to be spending some time in tummies today