Foxes for Flaria by PieMan24601

Foxes for Flaria


25 May 2017 at 10:09:11 MDT

Commission for dragoblock

Flaria the arcanine stumbled across Chris and Sarah while wandering through the woods, and decided they would make a wonderful snack! The two foxes easily slid down the massive dog pokemon's gullet, and into her big round tummy! Sarah seems to be taking this incredibly well, while Chris on the other hand, not so much. Maybe she knows something Chris doesn't? Oh well, regardless, this will result in one very happy arcanine.

This is a momentous occasion! This image marks the first time I've ever drawn Sarah as prey! Despite how big and hungry she is, there is always a bigger predator out there, never forget that o3o

In this non-fatal situation, Sarah is probably thrilled by the idea that she too can be eaten. It doesn't happen to her at all, so this is a brand new world of squishy and soft opportunity! Chris may be stressed about this now, but I imagine he'll calm down once he's crammed into a tight tummy with the soft vixen cuddling him up in a squeeing storm of excited happiness.

So yes, Sarah can be prey, but it's a verrrry rare thing, and I'm picky about who eats her. In non-fatal worlds, she'd react like this, wide eyed and excited about tummy trips. In fatal worlds, she knows what happens to food once it goes into tummies so I feel her reaction would be less happy. (Though deep down she'd probably still enjoy it)