Pocky for Terriermon by PieMan24601

Pocky for Terriermon


1 May 2017 at 12:03:16 MDT

Impmon and Terriermon had been living a nice peaceful life in the real world, taking refuge from the conflicts that have been tearing up the Digital world. They've been living with their new friends Chris, Mukiro, Sarah, and Nomu. One of the best parts about the real world is the food, especially the treats! Impmon loves to share the treats Nomu and Sarah give him with Terriermon. Here he is trying to explain what Pocky is to the little guy, but unfortunately he's not quite getting it.

Silly cute Digimon he is.

foxdemonmukiro and I have been doing a Digimon themed RP lately, and in doing so have created two adorable little characters that we absolutely love. A very lazy and monotone Terriermon, and his best friend, a tough acting Impmon! They're still being developed as we go on, but so far I absolutely love these two. They're so much fun to bounce off each other and play with. I just had to draw this adorable scene from one of our RPs with them, I cant get enough of em hehe ^_^

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