Belly Time for Gomamon by PieMan24601

Belly Time for Gomamon


29 August 2016 at 06:46:00 MDT

Commission for foxdemonmukrio

Mukiro's Gomamon Loooooves bellies~ big cuddly tummies are his absolute favorite. So of course he would be wonderful friends with Sarah Vixen. In fact, she made a little necklace for him that he can use to call her over whenever he wants! He often uses it for mischief, calling Sarah over when Mukrio has Chris over, so that she can gobble them up, get a biiiiig belly, and then let Gomamon cuddle it. And that is what we are seeing here. Sarah has stripped her two buddies of thier clothes and gobbled them up, so that her cute little digital buddy has a biiiiig wriggly gut to cuddle. how nice of her!