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Auromae Iselo by Phraggle

Auromae Iselo


Jeepers... good thing I don't have to try to say this one's name out loud.. . ( or is it aloud? ). This is, * ahem *, Auromae Iselo, ( that wasn't so hard ). It's the last ( for the time being ), of the Cloud-Riders I've drawn from " Solo, A Star Wars Story ". Let's see if this one turns out to be female too ... * Googling sound effects * ... Ah! He's a male Melba toast I mean, MelBU... toast. * whispers * Tooooooooast! He has a u-shaped head and loves fresh baked bread but, he does not love the smell of fresh baked bread, which is why he wears the breathing apparatus. His rifle is made out of wood and an old book. It doesn't shoot though, it's just for scaring librarians. ( * whispers ( Jocasta Nu HATES him! (( * whispers even louder * Jocasta Nu was the librarian in the Jedi Temple in " Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Books " ) ). So, in closing, get to know ARUBLARGH IBSEEBO! He's gonna be a big player in future Star Wars endeavors!