Galen Erso ( Hologram ) by Phraggle

Galen Erso ( Hologram )


14 May 2018 at 16:36:43 MDT

Here's Jyn Erso's dad, Galen Erso from " Rogue One, A Star Wars Story ". Well, technically, it's not that at all. TECHNICALLY, this is just a pic of Saw Gerrera's holo-emitter emitting a hologram of Galen Erso. It'd be like drawing a picture of a TV showing a scene from " The Waltons " and then calling the TV " The Waltons ". For some reason, Galen's middle name is Walton. * comes to senses * Oh! I've said too much! * dashes off into the hedges *


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    Man your work continues to shine my friend.

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      Thanks so much. :D