Enfys Nest by Phraggle

Enfys Nest


16 April 2018 at 11:42:42 MDT

This is Enfys Nest, a swoop rider from the upcoming movie, " Solo, A Star Wars Story ". I got the action figure a few days ago ( of whom I didn't even know they were making 'til I was at Target that day ), drew it the other night all the while thinking I was drawing a guy. Turns out, Enfys Nest is female! Hah! The sauce is awesome! Glad she has lots of stuff covering her body parts.... glad I didn't take any liberties on her crotch too for that matter.


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    I knew Enfys was a Lady !!

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      I took me a few days to find out... mostly cuz I try to avoid spoilers. :D

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        I'm just glad we're getting it earlier than expected.