Reegesk by Phraggle



22 March 2017 at 17:34:09 MDT

This is Mrs. Frisby of the Rats of Nimh...well, no, it's not. Actually, this is Reegesk, a big rodent ( called a ranat ), from the cantina and Mos Eisley streets from the original Star Wars a.k.a. " Star Wars, A New Hope ". That movie really catered to the rat community and what I mean by that is that it... really didn't. ANYway, Foof's telling me to get on with it so, Reegesk was just a big rat/rodent/ranat that shopped for clothes at the big & tall jawa clothing store on Tatooine and lived life like a tall rat who stole part of a jawa's gun which somehow caused the jawa in question to die. Nobody mourns jawas though, they just make new ones. ( Jeez, 2 sips of wine and all this comes out? Maybe the leftover birthday cake is kicking in. )