Gar Saxon by Phraggle

Gar Saxon


13 December 2016 at 11:49:10 MST

Here's Gar Saxon from his appearance in season 3 of " Star Wars, Rebels ". He's a Mandalorian Super Commando turned... Imperial Super Commando. And he's kind of a dink. When Darth Maul took over Gar's home world, Mandalore, in the Clone Wars, he saddled up right beside Maul as his head... goon, and even fashioned little pointy things onto his helmet ( of which he also painted red & black like Darth Maul's tattoos ) to look like the horns on Darth Maul's head. (Gar's a bit of an ass-kisser I s'pose ). Once Maul got ... removed from his stint on Mandalore ( which is the home of the Boba Fett types for those who don't know their Star Wars ), Gar wound up working for the Empire. So, he's a real winner. I just felt like drawing him. :D


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    Very nice coloring (thumbsup)

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      Yay! Thanks. :D

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        You welcome :-)