Tion Medon by Phraggle

Tion Medon


23 October 2016 at 16:26:28 MDT

Here's Tion Medon from " Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith " who was portrayed by Bruce Spence of " Mad Max, The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome " fame. Kinda wish they did more with him in the movie but oh well, " ROTS " was still awesome. Now for a fun and dumb fact: Tion Medon was one of the " Revenge of the Sith " " sneak peek " action figures. Also, and this is just a dumb fact, I like to quote Bruce Spence from " The Road Warrior " when he tells Max " That's dishonest. Low " after he finds out that Max's rifle was sans bullets. Kinda loses the effect when it's just written out like that. Life will go on though! :D


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    This guy's outfit, always liked that ridiculously tall collar.