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Bendu by Phraggle



This is Bendu who is The Bendu and A Bendu... ( " A taxman or THE taxman? ... never mind ), from TV's " Star Wars, Rebels ". He's a " Force wielder " but represents the center of the Force not specifically the Light or the Dark. Blah blah blah. Watch season 3 of " Rebels " if you wanna know more. His voice sounded incredibly familiar to me but I wouldn't have been able to place the voice actor, even though I know who he is. He's voiced by none other that Tom Baker. * crickets * Tom Baker played the 4th Doctor Who. * raucous applause * He's actually quite large, about the size of Jabba's Rancor. So, Foof there, ( who IS hiding ), is about to scale. The Bendu has a mighty laugh too. Very mighty. Perhaps the mightiest.


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    Neat rendition. I didn't know people can be so neutral in the sensitivity of the Force. : 0

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      Thanks & yes, they can. :-)