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Giant Flog by Phraggle

Giant Flog


27 July 2016 at 17:28:07 MDT

What can one really say at this point about Giant Flog? Well, I have a few things. * ahem * Giant Flog was from the gladiator arena scene in the original, traditionally-animated " Star Wars, The Clone Wars " cartoon series/program. Then, after killing all of the other gladiators, Asajj Ventress killed Giant Flog in the same way many-a-samurai were killed in that non-horse-riding form of jousting scenario when 2 opponents run towards each other, both seeming to make some sort of attack at the moment of contact, then, a dramatic pause until one of them collapses into a heap of death ( in this case, Giant Flog ). Giant Flog is survived by his room mate Chad and Chad's fish, Donald.

To learn more about Giant Flog, click here. You will be forever enlightened.

Actually, years ago now, I named Giant Flog before I knew that some other nerd came up with the brilliant name of Giant Flog. I called him, * extremely long drum roll * Brillig Brahg. Which actually kinda works: Brillig Brahg, the Giant Flog. Let's take a moment to remember the late, and dare I say, great, Giant Flog, who's weapon of choice was a piece of wall with a chain stuck in it. . * insert moment's time here *

OH! I mean P.S., Foof, if you can find him, is prolly actually pretty close to scale in this pic. They don't called him Giant Flog to be ironic. ;-)