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Wooof by Phraggle



6 June 2016 at 17:10:43 MDT

Here's Wooof from Jabba the Hutt's palace in " Star Wars, Return of the Jedi ". The action figure was once known as Klaatu but, I think Star Wars lore has pretty much eradicated that term. He's now a subdivision of the Nikto species called Kadas'as'Nikto which is... well, stupid. He'll always be The-Klaatu-with-the-fuzzy-skirt to me but I do enjoy calling him Woooooooooooof! ( Oops! Too many " o's " ). Back in the day, he was one of my favorite Star Wars figgers... still kinda is actually. I believe he was the 6th " Return of the Jedi " figure I got back in sunny 1983 when I was 9. I dug out my old one and the schnazzy new one for reference.


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    This looks really cool, Phraggs!! :) I've never seen "Return of the Jedi", but I've heard good comments about it. Is this guy one of the protagonists, or is he an antagonist, like Darth Vader?

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      Thanks. He's a bad guy. You should watch it someday. :-)