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Yoda's Dark Side by Phraggle

Yoda's Dark Side


31 May 2016 at 17:01:22 MDT

Another cool thing in the ... second to last episode of " Star wars, The Clone Wars " was Yoda having to fight his Dark Side. It was shown as a smoke-emitting mix of Gollum & a gremlin.

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    I've just watched through all five series of The Clone wars in a box set I have, and was really looking forward to seeing this episode. But.. it didn't turn up. nor did I ever see Voolvif Monn in the first series. I'm aware there was a Samurai Jack art style Clone Wars movie or something, but.. where are all these (Above, Voolvif Monn and the previous picture) from if they're not in the Five seires I have?

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      Ah. Yeah, that's because this one was from the un-finished 6th season of Clone Wars. The DVD set is called the " Lost Missions " I believe. The Force Priestesses are aslo from the " Lost Missions " season. Yeah, Voolvif Monn was from the traditionally animated series which aired on Cartoon Network before Ep. 3 hit theaters. Voolvif Monn didn't really do all that much but that's the only thing he was in... unless they put him in a comic book series.

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        Wow, that's both expencive for one seires (Lost episodes) and confusing with such a similar name (Clone Wars/The Clone Wars). I'll have to get the Lost Episodes someday though all the same. :P Thanks for the infos.

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          Yeah, the Lost Missions are just the episodes of season 6 that they were able to finish. :-)