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Zutmore by Phraggle



16 February 2016 at 17:24:15 MST

Gads! This bugger has a thousand different names. Alright, this member of the snaggleteeth collection is Zutmore from the " Star Wars Holiday Special ". I think this is who Kenner was trying to produce in the '70s when they made the original Snaggletooth action figure... well, the more common, red one anyway. Other than the " cartoon " version of Boba Fett, he's the only action figure so far that was only seen in the Holiday Special. The mask was in the movies but the... 1970's winter outfit was only worn in said Holiday Special. I'm not even sure of his sex anymore because I came across ... well, pretty much every single version of gender available when I was researching him... no kidding. There's some non-canon stuff saying that he's a trans-gender.... but well, non-canon means non-canon so that one can be scrapped I suppose. The action figure that I used as drawing reference was erroneously named Zutton. I was fine and dandy with that name but I guess Zutton is technically the name given to the " Blue Snaggletooth ". Although, I thought Ackmena ( a.k.a. Bea Arthur ) called him Zutton in the Holiday Special but mayhaps I'm doth wrong. I don't care. To me, Zutmore here looks like the type of bloke who enjoys a tall, cold one ...or six... even though he's like ... only 4 feet tall. I could actually draw more snaggleteeth ( a.k.a. snivvians ), cuz I can think of at least 2 more... maybe even three, but I think this is enough for now. Buh-bye.

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