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Verminator X


17 August 2015 at 19:06:41 MDT

Okay. Verminator-X is a mutant, cyborg cat from the " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures " Archie Comic Book series from the 90s. He was friends with the future version of Donatello until he, ( Verminator-X ), went bad... for some reason... too many cybernetic implants or something. Then Verminator X teamed up with Armaggon ( the time-traveling shark dude ) and the Shredder ( who had fled to the future ) to... do ... bad things. Really baaaaad things. I should prolly read those comics again so I can recall how bad the things actually were. Hitler's brain was involved.

Verminator X likes spandex. In later issues, he wears a dope jacket to help cover up more cybernetic enhancements. I almost drew him wearing it but... umm.. well... that didn't happen. I think I wanted to glorify his spandex get-up or something.

Oh look! Armaggon brought lunch. ( Armaggon is the shark thing coming up the stairs ).

I just love drawing leaves. Man how I love drawing leaves. If I ever draw another tree, I'll draw every single leaf and give each leaf a special name tag with it's own special name, cuz I just love drawing leaves. ( It was kinda fun though ).

Oh, and that black splotch behind Armaggon is the portal of which he just passed through. I think it turned out okay.

I'm lovin' it.

So's Foof.

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    I'm reminded of Starlord for some reason...

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      Really? Is it cuz Starlord likes McDonalds? :-)

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        I think it's the outfit actually. I didn't know Starlord liked McDonalds.... though speaking of Nostalga.. remember when a big mac was actaully big and a combo was under 4 bucks? The days when McD's was good... memories...

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          Heh heh. I dunno if Starlord likes McDonalds or not. :D I don't eat fast food very often so it's still kind of a treat when I do. I do remember the Mc DLT. That was good. I'm actually happy eating just the regular 'lil McD's cheeseburgers that look like they grow on trees. ;-)

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    I do remember that this guy lost his mind and become mad. I'm sure he's all wired up with wires inside his brain. I really do liked the leaves you drew all over it. Very nice Impressionist type of the trees in the background. Quite chilling out looking cat we can see. LoL

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      Yeah, the cybernetic stuff drove him batty. He shows up again in another storyline just about the future turtles. That one was a lot less kid-friendly. Thanks. I watched a lot of Bob Ross over the years. The leaves actually came from the trees in my front yard. :-)