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Crux of the Blessed Foot Tribe by PhillipChanter (critique requested)

Crux of the Blessed Foot Tribe (critique requested)


15 January 2015 at 11:49:59 MST

Gift art for my friend Crux after me an him were talking about our own comics. This is his character as one of the 4 giant clans, and the most important tribe in my comic, the Blessed Foot which one of the main characters belongs to. He said he'd wear something akin to Tibetan Monks and Inuit combined, which both do fit the Blessed Foot Tribe rather perfectly.

This giant here is 45 feet tall, but he's very gentle with all those smaller than himself, and will happily stash them away in his robes should they be in need of protection from the elements or dangerous foes, but he'll sometimes forget about then and keep them around as he meditates.