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The Cunning Mathilda Moore by PhialeOfMystery

The Cunning Mathilda Moore


24 July 2014 at 14:55:40 MDT

A secretary bird! Haven't drawn any kind of bird in a very, very long time.

Thanks to Thalomine over on FA for the name and the winning vote.

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    aha this is also very excellent

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    Gotta say, I'm feeling rather ripped off right now.

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      I'm really sorry if it seems like I copied your character, the similarities were honest-to-god unintentional. She was the result of random little contest I did on FA a while ago ( where I made up a bunch of different ideas for characters and asked for input on which one to draw first, as well as names for them. I can remove this submission if you'd like, as I was planning on doing a pretty extensive redesign of her anyway.

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        You don't have to remove it. Thank you for being understanding.

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    Yeah, I gotta be honest with you, it'd be one thing if it was just a steampunk bird character or just a secretary bird, but the similarities are too close for this to be coincidence... So my question is, did this happen unintentionally maybe, because you saw Boeboe's character Vicki in passing and didn't really think about it? Or are you just legit just using his character design idea and not crediting him as your inspiration?

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      As said above, it was coincidental.

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        Ah, okay. I see now.

        I am sorry... Please forgive my assumption.