two little saplings by PheeBaDohDoh

two little saplings


28 March 2015 at 20:52:10 MDT

Something i wipped together after commission work

I want to hold on to and cling to their amazing perfect loving relationship for as long as I can before Alex Hirsch riPS OUT OUR HEARTS THIS SUMMER ;A;

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    Totally Adorable!

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    I need to get caught up so bad. Ugh. Love these nerds.

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      yes you shoouulldd omg where did you leave off?

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        I actually don't think I finished season 1. I don't watch a lot of tv at all, and it takes so much for me to sit down and actually watch stuff. I've been wanting to watch Steven Universe and Over The Garden Wall, too. I need to check Netflix and see if any of those are on it, because last I checked, they're not on Hulu. I don't want to pirate them, because, y'know, supporting the creators is definitely something I want to do. u o u"

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          Oh man, season 2 of GF is really intense. Steven Universe is also one of my fav shows! I def recommend watching. I want to support the creators too :c but sadly if I wanna watch, I have to watch online when its uploaded, since I don't have Netflix nor the channels they play on