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:OC: Gemsona ::REVAMPED:: by PheeBaDohDoh

:OC: Gemsona ::REVAMPED::


NAME: Morganite (Morgan or Mo)
GENDER: Agender (She/He/Them)
WEAPON: Bamboo Staff
ABILITIES: Healing powers and can levitate
PERSONALITY: Tries to look at the positive aspects first. Really laid back and chill, gives off a calming energy to those around them.
FIGHTING STYLE: Uses staff to deflect and redirect attacks mostly, preferring not to fight, though uses staff for offense when needed

New Gemsona!

I wanted to pick a gem I felt suited me the most and I found Morganite was the one

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    What a cyoot-patoot! Love dat hair. <:

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    Oh how did i miss this very interesting character, i actually just started watching the show myself and i gotta say it's pretty interesting. Nice work pheebs ^_^

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      Thanks~ And aaaAAHHHH I love Steven Universe with a passion, its such a well made show and its so nice to finally see a show with a Femme-neutral theme for it's characters

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        I can agree with this totally, it's really nice to see especially with them being such strong characters instead of being written as women. Though i don't want to dive headfirst into another fandom my brain decided otherwise and already made it's own Gemsona, ha.

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          Felt like i needed to clarify that first part, it's nice to see them as strong characters who are "women" instead of their characters being written AROUND the fact that they are "women". It's a very distinct difference and should be more commonplace if you ask me.

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            yeah I understand~ And I00% agree. Like, yeah sometimes its nice to have characters like 'I'm a women AND strong!!' but its like??? Just because she's a women doesn't mean she couldnt be strong??? Like you dont need to hype it and justify it?

            Also I love how in the show the entire race thus far are non-binary but all femme. Since in 99% cases, when something is non-binary, its automatically considered male but default since male is 'neutral'

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              I like that as well actually it's nice that they don't often draw lines that they are women, the writers don't feel the need to have them point out "Hey look! We're female! See?" and it's nice that they're obviously not limited to female forms, makes it easier for people to create their own persona's and limits in-fandom stress, know what i mean?

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    Such a cute outfit! I love the cape! They definitely look chill :D