Progress needs time by Pheanir

Progress needs time


14 December 2019 at 10:51:50 MST

Okay, I'm going to embarrass myself with this. <:P
For a couple of weeks I have been having a lil' personal crisis; not only concerning my drawings, but that's not for here.
So I decided to rummage through my 'archived' drawings (mostly traditional ones) and found the picture on the left. Besides it, on the same piece of paper, are a couple of personal notes for this picture which I won't inculde here. When I looked at it for a bit, I had the idea to make a comparison image - and THIS is what it turned out to be.
The pic on the left is one of my first drawings I ever drew, back in 2010. The picture on the right is one I made over the past 3 days before posting this.
It's like a little boost for my own mood and maybe everbody else's who just started to draw, too. I SUCKED ASS back then but I kept at it; although I actually started to pay more attention to drawing not until 2018.
Anyways, I am quite happy with the result. I did not put much effort into this, but I think it's 'good enough'.

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